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Pitot tube tips were left in natural brass and wheel hubs were always black. 30 Color 74 Gray-Green Color 75 Gray-Violet Color 76 Light Blue Right: This Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-1/U1 carries 74/75/76 camouflage with a mottle of Gray-Green 74 along the fuselage and vertical tailplane. The spinner was one-third White 21 and two-thirds Black-Green 70. VOM propeller blades were also Black-Green 70. The fuselage mottle, applied to most Fw 190s, was usually composed of two colors, while the use of three colors, as found on the contemporary Bf 109s, appears to have been somewhat rare.

However, official specifications called for their alignment to be parallel to the line of flight. Dimensions were Wing Top: 630 mm, Wing Bottom: 800 mm (810 mm NASM 262), Fuselage: 800 mm, Swastika: 430 mm. 47 ROCKET INTERCEPTORS The only rocket interceptor to reach production status and to become operational was the famous Me 163 Komel. Although relatively few machines were produced, they exhibited a variety of finishes. These are given below. Unless otherwise stated, upper and lower surface demarcation terminated at the horizontal center line of the fuselage.

While this order did not immediately affect fighter aircraft, it was to do so by the end of the year when declining fortunes pushed the Luftwaffe more and more onto the defensive. Of more direct influence upon fighter camouflage was the order of Aug ust 15, 1944, which withdrew from general use the colors 65,70,71 and 74. The use of four letter registrations at the point of manufacture was also forbidden. In addition to the withdrawal of the four colors listed above, this document also mentioned a new color, 83, the wording clearly indicating that this color was already known to production centers.

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