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By Cynthia Kuhn

The fourth version of the fundamental, available resource for figuring out how medications paintings and their results on physique and behavior.
A bestseller in its 3 earlier variants, Buzzed is now revised and up to date with the latest discoveries approximately medications. It contains new information regarding organic and behavioral alterations in habit, the prescription-drug abuse epidemic, specific drug results at the adolescent mind, and traits from man made cannabinoids to e-cigarettes. "Lively, hugely informative, impartial, [and] thorough" (Addiction examine & Theory), this no-nonsense instruction manual surveys the main used and abused medicinal drugs from caffeine to heroin to methamphetamine. In either quick-reference summaries and in-depth research, it experiences on how those medicinal drugs input the physique, how they control the mind, their non permanent and long term results, the several "highs" they produce, and the situations during which they are often lethal. Neither a "just say no" treatise nor a "how-to" guide, Buzzed relies at the conviction that individuals make larger judgements with exact info in hand. eight pages of colour illustrations

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