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By Bruce Rogers-Vaughn

This quantity bargains an in depth research of ways the present part of capitalism is consuming away at social, interpersonal, and mental overall healthiness. Drawing upon an interdisciplinary physique of study, Bruce Rogers-Vaughn describes an rising type of human distress—what he calls ‘third order suffering’—that is quickly turning into normative. additionally, this new paradigm of ailment is more and more entangled with already-existing genres of distress, reminiscent of sexism, racism, and sophistication fight, mutating their appearances and mystifying their intersections. alongside the way in which, Rogers-Vaughn offers stimulating reflections on how frequent perspectives relating to secularization and postmodernity may possibly divert consciousness from modern capitalism because the fabric beginning of those advancements. eventually, he explores his personal medical perform, which yields clues for addressing the double unconsciousness of 3rd order agony and outlining a imaginative and prescient for taking good care of souls in those troubling instances.

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Caring for Souls in a Neoliberal Age

This quantity bargains an in depth research of ways the present part of capitalism is consuming away at social, interpersonal, and mental health and wellbeing. Drawing upon an interdisciplinary physique of analysis, Bruce Rogers-Vaughn describes an rising kind of human distress—what he calls ‘third order suffering’—that is swiftly turning into normative.

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A collection of essays in his honor (Couture & Hunter, 1995), Pastoral Care and Social Conflict, illustrates the breadth of his influence. One of the essays, titled “The Future of Pastoral Care and Counseling and the God of the Market” (Couture & Hester, 1995), documents how this social turn can be aimed in the direction of capitalism. From this wide-angle view, most of the work by contemporary pastoral and practical theologians—which leads the field in the direction of public theology—touches upon matters related to capitalism, even when these efforts are not offered as assessments of capitalism.

CHAPTER 2 Neoliberalism, Inequality, and the Erosion of Social Well-being In this chapter, I will identify key features of neoliberalism that provide a foundation for the work of subsequent chapters. In a fashion analogous to the story of an individual human life, the history of neoliberalism is a narrative of an uneven and somewhat unpredictable process that nevertheless exhibits discernable enduring patterns as it progressively occupies economic, political, and cultural spaces. Recognizing neoliberalization as a cultural process is particularly critical to understanding the way it transforms the social, interpersonal, and psychological dimensions of our lives.

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