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On the time of Christ, a mythical tradition was once at the upward push in northern Europe. millenia later they'd be remembered for his or her reverence of nature, their therapy of ladies, and their braveness in conflict. Had they been allowed to extend and develop, they may have had their very own Golden Age, and Western tradition will be very diversified this present day. as an alternative, they met the Romans, who finally conquered all of them. This brilliant humans used to be the Celts, and this is often their tale.

This quantity explores their tradition. discover who they have been, what they held holy, the monsters they fought - either actual and legendary - why they battled one another, and what gave them pleasure. as well as delivering a whole lot exact fabric at the Celts, this ebook lets you carry them into your d20 crusade. a bunch of latest personality sessions, Feats, talents, and different particular new ideas, makes this the definitive e-book on fable role-playing within the Celtic Age.

Origins Award Winner - most sensible Role-Playing online game complement 2002!

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To be touched by the gods is to court madness, and many Vates are not quite right as a result. Human sacrifice is not common among the Druids, but it does occur. As a practice, it has died out among all the continental Celts and is only found in Albion. There, the more warlike tribes still propitiate their war gods with the blood of their enemies. Among many tribes, there is a strong belief that the world is constantly threatened by evil, and it is the Druids who hold this evil at bay. Unlike Druids, Vates (called Ovates in some Celtic dialects) do not truly fit in with Celtic society.

A warrior from another tribe with a high status is well-respected even among rivals. Status is acquired through gaining levels and performing great deeds. Each time the character goes up in level, he or she gets 1 Status Point. If the character performs an heroic deed and then composes a fine poem about it to recount to others (Perform Skill check DC 15), he or she gains an additional 2 Status Points. If the deed is instead told by a Fili, 5 Status Points are earned. Status Points are used to buy Status Levels.

Treasure can translate into Status. A character Enemies of the Celts, particularly the gains 1 point of Status for every 100 gold he or she spends on an item. Note that the piece can be Romans, are well aware that fallen looted. What matters most is having it. This Celtic warriors can be the source of Status can only be gained once per item. great riches. Celts will also loot the dead, but this is considered shameful and is not practiced openly: the looters sneak back to the battlefield Luxury Items 47 Gora McGahey (order #19251) 6 Overland trade routes snake up the river valleys of Gaul and then down to the Atlantic coast.

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