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White Wolf Chaining the Beast Vampire Masquerade

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Not all nabasus prefer to surround themselves with the living. Some prefer the hunt-the exhilarating rush of the chase climaxing with a terrified victim finally captured and succumbing to inevitability. But even these loner nabasus typically seek out a sort of "apprentice" to dwell with them in their hidden lair-a humanoid who either has been spurned by his society or is a criminal eager to get revenge. The nabasu uses this follower not only as an additional guardian for its lair and as a scout for easier ways to explore new hunting grounds, but as a student.

It requires a 13ate spell to conjure Kaltestrua, and even then the marilith is particularly ill-tempered at having been pulled away from her post in the academy. Every second she's gone is another second the ghosts have a chance to regain ground or, in a worst-case scenario, to take control of the building. As a result, if a conjurer has a relatively short-term task (taking less than a day) for the marilith, she is more likely to agree to perform the service than most of her kind, if only so she can get started (and thus finish) the task quickly and return home.

A marilith's favored tactic is to confront a potential enemy via a projected ima13e while she remains in hiding. Even ifthe enemy sees through the illusion, the marilith can use the link to the image to use her spell-like abilities. She activates fly as soon as possible, then places as many blade barriers in the battlefield as she can. One particularly devastating marilith tactic is to place three blade barriers parallel to each other, forming three lines of whirling destruction. She can then use telekinesis to lift foes and hurl (or even just leisurely float) foes through the three blade barriers.

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