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By Hywel Coleman and Lynne Cameron (Editors)

This quantity is a suite of papers from the once a year assembly of the British organization for utilized Linguistics (BAAL) held on the collage of Leeds, September 1994. It investigates the connection among switch and language within the broadest feel.

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It was nature's way to make it possible for us to evolve rapidly . . To keep a community genetically isolated and to enable it to evolve new social institutions, it was vitally important that the members of the community should be quickly separated from their neighbours by barriers of language. < previous page page_23 next page > < previous page page_24 next page > Page 24 But there is no such thing as long-range planning in natural evolutionDyson would have to take the bizarre position that some ancestral individual gained a selective advantage by being unable to speak his community's language while inconvenient historical accidents are everywhere.

But the old Schabbach in the first sequence is, nevertheless, both a place of reassurance and one of imprisonment. Security and warmth are the positive terms which comprise at the same time their negative counterparts in enclosure, xenophobia, and aggression against outsiders. This ambivalence between valuing old traditions whilst, at the same time, showing the inflexibility that comes with it, is powerfully expressed in the symbolic role which the Hunsrück dialect has in the film. Dramatically these ambivalences emerge most notably in the different ways in which the two 'Weggeher', ('the ones who go away') reject Schabbach.

In the case of young woman and young lady, the modifier and headword constitute a linguistic unit in this context, and, in these instances, it is the nominal group (modifier + headword) which no longer occurs. Re-phrasing Our final example deals with a quality commonly mentioned in the advertisements, namely the item initiative, with 23 occurrences in the 1974 data and 25 in the 1976 data. Initiative carries no semantic loading with reference to the sex of the applicant and yet we find some interesting differences in the use of the word in its context in the two different sub-corpora.

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