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Information at the wars and conflicts of the misplaced. Talecrafting and destiny as capability to extend a character’s legend. excellent gadgets and bad relics from legend and dream. The courtroom of sunrise and new Entitlements reflecting the features of switch.

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The changelings involved must know what satisfaction the duel should grant, but also what the next step after the duel’s completion will be. If the challenger loses a duel of vengeance, can he be satisfied knowing he tried his best and failed, or will he seek other avenues of revenge? If a defender wins a challenge of love, does he feel compelled to make amends for whatever prompted the duel, even if he proved himself on the battlefield? If two changelings battle for honor, such an ephemeral, subjective notion, what is it they really want?

The prospect of an hour alone in a room with a Gristlegrinder is often enough to make a captive tell anything he knows. If you need something protected, if your monarch needs to be guarded against assassination attempts and surprise attacks, you call a Stonebones. Between their kith blessing and their Contracts, one or two Stonebones bodyguards can hold off what would otherwise be an overwhelming assault — one story out of Cleveland holds that, during a Hedgefire war between the Duke of Autumn and the Grand Duchess of Spring, the Duke and his two Stonebones attendants were set upon by a full dozen Autumn soldiers, armed with magic, steel, and lead.

That said, a duel might be over the right to a kiss, the right to a date, or even the right to gaze upon a particular woman’s face, if the lady in question consents (and, yes, change the gender and the point still holds). Sometimes 32 a vow made out of love can result in a duel; a changeling who promises to defend his lover’s honor is effectively at that lover’s mercy, as she can claim a slight at any provocation, forcing the changeling into the position of challenging the offender to a duel whether or not the lover actually feels offended.

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