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By R. D. Callander (auth.), Colin S. Cooper Ph. D., Philip L. Grover D. Sc. (eds.)

I were privileged to witness and perform the good development of information on chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis considering that 1939 whilst I entered graduate university in biochemistry on the collage of Wisconsin­ Madison. I instantly began to paintings with the carcinogenic aminoazo dyes un­ der the path of Professor CARL BAUMANN. In 1942 I joined a fellow graduate scholar, ELIZABETH CA VERT, in marriage and we quickly started out a joyous half­ nership in study on chemical carcinogenesis on the McArdle Laboratory for melanoma study within the college of Wisconsin scientific college in Madison. This collaboration lasted forty five years. i'm very thankful that this quantity is dedi­ cated to the reminiscence of Elizabeth. the $64000 and sundry themes which are reviewed right here attest to the ongoing progress of the fields of chemical motor vehicle­ cinogenesis and mutagenesis, together with their contemporary and fruitful union with viral oncology. i believe very positive concerning the program of information in those fields to the eventual resolution of diverse difficulties, together with the detection and estimation of the dangers to people of environmental chemical cancer agents and re­ lated factors.

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The routine inclusion of these steps into a standard "screening" testing protocol has yet to be fully justified, as the other tests in such a screening battery should detect any such compounds that the bacterial assay may miss. It is, however, relevant that the potential use of hamster S9 in place of, or in conjunction with, rat S9 has been examined in detail (ZEIGER et al. 1985). Analysis of an extensive Salmonella database covering 941 separate samples (799 discrete chemicals) looking at the optimum conditions for the detection of mutagenicity using four tester strains (TA1535, TA1537, TA98, and TA100) and three "activation systems" (no S9-mix and S9-mixes derived from Aroclor 1254-induced hamster and rat livers) with a 20-min pre-incubation period (ZEIGER and HAWORTH 1985), showed that 89% of the chemicals were correctly identified using only strains TA98 and TA100.

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Science 215:87-89 Bridges BA, Mottershead RP, Green MHL, Gray WJH (1973) Mutagenicity of dichlorvos and methyl methanesulphonate for Escherichia coli WP2 and some derivatives defi. cient in DNA repair. Mutat Res 19:295-303 Bridges BA, Zeiger E, McGregor DB (1981) Summary report on the performance ofbacterial mutation assays. In: de Serres FJ, Ashby J (eds) Evaluation of short-term tests for carcinogens. Report of the international collaborative program. Elsevier, New York, pp 49-67 (progress in mutation research, vol 1) Brusick D (1980) Principles of genetic toxicology.

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