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By R. R. Gupta, M. D. Lechner (eds.)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)is in line with the truth that sure nuclei convey a magnetic second, orient via a magnetic box, and take up attribute frequencies within the radiofrequency a part of the spectrum. The spectral traces of the nuclei are hugely stimulated via the chemical atmosphere i.e. the constitution and interplay of the molecules. NMR is now the prime approach and a strong software for the research of the constitution and interplay of molecules. the current Landolt-Börnstein vol.III/35 "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) information" is as a result of significant curiosity to all scientists and engineers who intend to exploit NMR to check the constitution and the binding of molecules. Vol. III/35 "NMR-DATA" is split into a number of subvol.and elements. III/35 A comprises the nuclei 11B and 31 P,III/35 B includes the nuclei 19F and 15 N, III/35 C includes the nucleus 1H, III/35 D includes the nucleus thirteen C,and III/35E comprises the nucleus 17 O. extra nuclei may be provided later.

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Ppm] [Hz] Structure O MeCN O MeCN O 644 C8H6O2 MeCN 645 C8H6O2S MeCN 86Bau 89Boy 86Che C=O: 320 C-O: 170 C=O: 321 C-O: 166 C=O: 325 C-O: 168 C=O: 317 C-O: 169 O 2-Thi(H)C=C(CHO)2 88Dah 98Kol C=O: 357 C-O: 225 583/553 89Boy 350/350 90Kol O 646 C8H6O2S O C=O: 362 CO: 156 81Nak C=O: 369 C-O: 299 86Vas S O 647 C8H6O4 H MeCN O O H O 648 C8H7BrO MeCN Ph-CO-CH2Br 545 93Dah1 649 C8H7BrO Me2CO CDCl3 p-Br-C6H4-COMe 552 545 69Sar 95Chi 650 C8H7BrO MeCN p-Tol-COBr 506 651 C8H7BrO2 MeCN m-Br-C6H4-COOMe 652 C8H7BrO2 MeCN 653 C8H7BrO2 MeCN 654 C8H7BrO3 MeCN 90-240 97Dah2 C=O: 340 MeO: 129 210 220 92Exn p-Br-C6H4-COOMe C=O: 339 MeO: 128 290 260 92Exn p-MeO-C6H4-CO-Br C=O: 495 MeO: 68 90-240 97Dah2 C=O: 562 HO: 89 MeO: 13 500 500 450 92Kol C=O: 552 HO: 87 MeO: 48 500 400 450 92Kol C=O: 559 HO: 82 MeO: 42 600 500 500 92Kol OMe Br OH OHC 655 C8H7BrO3 MeCN CHO Br HO OMe 656 C8H7BrO3 MeCN OHC Br OMe OH Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/35E 2 Oxygen-17 NMR Line width Ref.

Gross formula Solvent 613 C8H5FO2 MeCN Oxygen-17 NMR Line width Ref. δ [ppm] [Hz] Structure O C=O: 334 C-O: 171 87Boy2 554 300-800 92Dah 97Dah2 O F 614 C8H5F3O CCl4 Ph-CO-CF3 615 C8H5F3O2 MeCN p-OHC-C6H4-OCF3 C=O: 569 CF3O: 118 616 C8H5F3O2 Me2CO MeCN p-F3C-C6H4-COOH 254 253 299 280 60-140 91Boy5 84Bal2 97Dah2 O 617 C8H5IO2 MeCN O C=O: 327 C-O: 171 87Boy2 O C=O: 330 C-O: 171 87Boy2 I 618 C8H5IO2 MeCN 619 C8H5NO CDCl3 MeCN Ph-CO-CN 559 559 86Che 97Dah2 620 C8H5NO CCl4 p-NC-C6H4-CHO 594 120-280 97Dah2 621 C8H5NOS CCl4 Ph-CO-NCS 460 200-450 95Dah 622 C8H5NOSe CDCl3 o-NCSe-C6H4-CHO 542 623 C8H5NO2 CCl4 Ph-CO-NCO 624 C8H5NO2 Me2CO p-NC-C6H4-COOH O I 99Kom PhC=O: 452 200-450 NCO: 149 20 95Dah 255 84Bal2 379 87Bau O 625 C8H5NO2 MeCN NH O O4 626 C8H5NO3 MeCN O N H O2 O-2: 262/245 O-4: 354 C-O: 262/245 171/183 171 171/183 86Vas O 627 C8H5NO4 MeCN O C=O: 325 C-O: 174 87Boy2 NO2 Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/35E 2 No.

Ppm] [Hz] No. Gross formula Solvent Structure 508 C7H8N2O MeCN p-H2N-C6H4-CONH2 509 C7H8N2O2 MeCN o-HO-C6H4-CONH-NH2 510 C7H8O CDCl3 316 100-180 97Dah2 C=O: 276 97Lam 544 96Zhu 97Zhu 536 88Boy 523 510 88Boy 93Spi 511 93Spi O CH2 Me 511 C7H8OS MeCN Me-CO 512 C7H8OS 513 C7H8OS2 MeCN CDCl3 S Me-CO CDCl3 Me-CO 514 C7H8O2 SMe S MeCN Me-CO 515 C7H8O2S Me S Me O CDCl3 C=O: 516 C-O: 250 88Boy 496 Me-CO 93Spi OMe S Me 516 C7H8O3 MeCN O 517 C7H8O3S2 CDCl3 Me-CO 518 C7H9NO OMe O CO-Me N Me 89Boy C=O: 536 93Spi1 505 88Boy 509 88Boy SO2Me S MeCN C=O: 316 C-O: 248 MeO: 82 CO-Me 519 C7H9NO MeCN N Me O 520 C7H9NO2 MeCN NHMe 430 190-410 97Zhu3 O-1: 451 O-2: 445 190-410 97Zhu3 O O1 521 C7H9NO2 MeCN NH2 O2 Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/35E 2 No.

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