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So as to quantitatively are expecting the chemical reactions that harmful fabrics may possibly suffer within the surroundings, it is vital to understand the relative stabilities of the compounds and complexes which may be chanced on lower than yes stipulations. this sort of calculations should be performed utilizing constant chemical thermodynamic facts, similar to these contained during this publication for inorganic compounds and complexes of selenium.

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No attempt has been made to estimate the relative importance of a certain complex or solid with respect to its behaviour under environmental or geological conditions. Thus the review tries to present an as complete account as possible of the thermodynamic quantities of all binary inorganic selenium species for which such data are available. ) and the halogens (oxyhalides and mixed halides) are included as well as some sulphur analogues such as selenocyanates. Other ternary or higher species and systems are in general not considered in the review.

If OH" occurs as a reactant in the notation of the equilibrium, it is treated like a normal ligand L, but in general formulae the index variable n is used instead of q. (II. 15) using n as the index variable. For convenience, no general form is used for the stepwise constants for the formation of the complex MmL^H,.. In many ex- 16 // Standards, Conventions, and contents of the Tables periments, the formation constants of metal ion complexes are determined by adding a ligand in its protonated form to a metal ion solution.

15 K with different estimates of the activity coefficients Formation constants for polyselenide H p e q Se r complexes Enthalpies and temperatures of transition of the P4Se3(cr) polymorphs reported in [79BLA/HOP] Experimental investigations of the vapour phase in the system selenium-arsenic 105 106 107 108 109 110 112 113 114 115 116 117 121 123 124 129 142 146 148 156 187 189 List of Tables Table V-32: Table V-33: Table V-34: Table V-35: Table V-36: Table V-37: Table V-38: Table V-39: Table V-40: Table V-41: Table V-42: Table V-43: Table V-44: Table V-45: Table V-46: Table V-47: Table V-48: Summary of the measurements of the total vapour pressure in equilibrium with Bi2Se3 using various experimental techniques Summary of determinations of the enthalpy of fusion of Bi 2 Se 3 (cr) Summary of determinations of the enthalpy of formation of Bi 2 Se 3 (cr) using various experimental techniques Heat capacity and heat content measurements for α-SnSe and β-SnSe.

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