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Seven NIGHTMARISH ADVENTURES... general practitioner Rudolph van Richten, writer of the realized Van Richten's courses, summons participant characters from degrees three to nine to wipe out the evils that hang-out Ravenloft.

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Shadows (4): Int Low (6);AL CE; AC 7; MV 12; HD 3+3;hp 20 each; THACO 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4+1; SA Strength drain; SD Immune to sleep, charm, hold spells, and cold-based attacks; MR Nil; SZ M ML Special; XP 650 each. When Evangeline seeks a deep, undisturbed rest, she retreats to her sanctuary, located behind a secret door in the far corner of the catacombs. In this niche she was originally laid to rest. She flees here if pursued by the heroes, slipping through a crack in the secret door in gaseous form.

H e then explains (preferably in response to questions from the heroes) that a number of slaves have run away in recent months-1 2 to date, two-thirds of the settlement’s slave population. “A slave named Khasek was the first to run,” Thutmose explains. “He didn’t die in the desert, but instead disappeared without trace. He must have found shelter and water-and now his example has encouraged others. There are even whispers, in the slaves’ quarters, that Khasek may have found a road leading away from Har’Akir.

The heroes do not see him for at least a few adventures. The good doctor does not seek priests to resurrect the slain bards, because in Ravenloft, trafficking in this kind of magic often leads to disaster. If the heroes offer to find a priest or otherwise secure the victims' resurrection, Van Richten does not protest. However, h e will stand by at the resurrection with a stake and holy water, just in case. The heroes may help Van Richten deal with his grief by listening, counseling him, or other friendly aid.

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