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By Ari Marmell

The Sultry evening Beckons New Orleans lives on borrowed time. Steeped within the customs and traditions of the previous international and governed with an iron fist by means of a pious Prince, the Kindred of town continue the sanctity of the Traditions at courtroom and sate their wishes amid the neon glare of Bourbon road. From the stately manors of the backyard District to the seedy lanes of the French region, New Orleans seethes with pent-up hope and whispered gives you of energy, revolution and revenge. sign up for the Danse Macabre urban of the Damned: New Orleans offers the massive effortless in all its baroque glory, detailing the city's historical past, the legislation and customs of its aristocratic courtroom, and the intrigues of the vampires either in demand and petty. A wealth of characters, plot hooks and Storytelling counsel make this a useful source for any Vampire: The Requiem chronicle. Hardcover.

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Its inscription—“The Union Must and Shall be Preserved”—was an added (and locally unwelcome) sentiment by General Butler, the Yankee commander of the occupying force in 1862. According to rumor, Butler’s afterthought was spurred on by one of Vidal’s agents, whose master wanted to remind the lady Pascual that, elder Primogen or no, she was not the Prince of New Orleans. The story could be apocryphal, of course, given the relations between Vidal and Pascual’s heir, but it’s always good for a recounting at Elysium.

This is partly due to Vidal’s religious beliefs regarding the soul but also to cover up his own act of diablerie during the ritual he performed with Cimitiere. On the rare occasions that Vidal calls a citywide blood hunt, he does so by summoning all available Kindred to court and then performing Last Rites in absentia over the subject of the hunt. The message is, to put it bluntly, unmistakable. Deference and Presentation Unsurprisingly, Vidal and his policies are strict indeed on these particular customs.

Vidal, however, has dangled a fairly enticing carrot before them. Kindred who make regular confessions, so long as they are honest and detailed, often receive forgiveness for their crimes, rather than punishment . The risk they take, of course, is that the Kindred have no way of knowing which crimes can be forgiven, and which are serious enough that an admission, even within the bounds of the confessional, will lead to punishment. The line of demarcation varies, depending on whether Vidal or one of his followers is hearing the confession, on what sort of mood the Kindred is in, on whether the crime has had any repercussions for Vidal’s rule, and so forth.

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