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By Sven Skoog, Lucien Soulban

Clanbook Baali (Vampire: The darkish a while Clanbooks). international of Darkness.

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Clanbook: Baali (Vampire: The Dark Ages)

Clanbook Baali (Vampire: The darkish a long time Clanbooks). global of Darkness.

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Now skeletons, zombies, draugr, mohrgs, and worse prowl the chill caverns, and Arnlaugr himself leads a chosen band of skeletal champions against intruders into his mistress’s domain. Should these guardians be overcome, the riches of Black Tarn would be free for the taking, and over the years, Valdis has amassed quite a trove. The most famous of these treasures are Arnlaugr’s legendary linnorm-scale armor and magical sword Rixbrand (see page 51), but the caverns beneath the dark lake hold wealth that would rival a dragon’s hoard—silver and gold, amber and furs, weapons and armor, gems and jewels beyond counting.

Countless passageways lead to his antechamber, but only three enter the chamber itself. Fafnheir can place his head into the antechamber and hear the noises of all the hundreds of passageways leading to his home, and decide which of these passageways he will use to lure the latest fools to their dooms. Few are the heroes who make it even this far, and not one has survived to tell the tale. Moundlands The Tombs of Kings Location: Northeastern Icemark Masters: Ninety-nine powerful, unique undead linnorm kings Notable Inhabitants: Carrion beasts, ghosts, wights, wraiths, miscellaneous other undead On the northern bank of the conf luence of the Whitegold and Vyalldehun rivers lies a region of softly rounded hills set in regular patterns—99 larger hills, each 50 feet high, are surrounded by scores of lower-lying hills.

Longships ply the waters of the Arcadian Ocean hunting pods of whales. They SOCIETY Many in Kalsgard whisper that Sveinn plans to soon abdicate his throne and make his way across the ocean to the fantastic land of Arcadia, there to enjoy his remaining days in the unearthly paradise of Valenhall. The only thing he awaits is a successor, a hero brazen enough to challenge a linnorm in its lair and return with its head, but also wise enough to rule justly. Over the years, Sveinn has sired over a score of children, but despite his best efforts, none of them have shown the aptitude or the inclination to ascend his throne.

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