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By William James Burroughs

This e-book is thoroughly written with the entire right citations general of an instructional textual content. i discovered the writer to be easy approximately what he is familiar with and the way he is aware it. additionally, Burroughs isn't afraid to tell you while he's speculating instead of interpretations in keeping with clinical proof. in spite of everything the ebook is a brilliant learn. i like to recommend it to a person drawn to the weather that early homo sapiens developed in.

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One fundamental aspect of analysing climate change must be addressed from the outset. This is whether the evidence from far-flung places like Antarctica, Greenland or the depths of the great oceans provides a real measure of what was happening across the plains of Eurasia, or in Africa or Australia. Clearly the major changes associated with the waxing and waning of the ice ages were global in nature. 7. Deep-ocean sediment core from the central North Atlantic showing the link between Heinrich events (labelled H1 to H6), which can be seen in the increase of ice-rafted debris (lithics) (white curve) and the surface water temperature as revealed in the incidence of cold-water foraminifera Neoglobigerina pachyderma (black curve).

The temperature rose to something comparable to modern values by around 10 kya. 2 and 8 kya described in the previous section is seen as a relic of the last ice age. Apart from this hiccup, the ice-core temperature record suggests the Holocene was a period of remarkable climatic stability. When compared with the previous 90 kyr this is a reasonable assessment, but we must not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Within the impression of relative calm and stability there lurk some important fluctuations.

2001). , 2003), which coincides closely with the figures obtained from the GISP2 record The implications of shorter-term differences in the various records will be explored when discussing regional climates in Chapters 3 and 4. The various warmer periods during the OIS3 period (59 to 28 kya) are broadly reflected in the land-based data. 2 But the fact that this period includes 15 DO events, which are not easily shoehorned into five interstadials, is a measure of the challenges thrown up by the ice-core data.

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