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By Michael Dietler

During the 1st millennium BCE, complicated encounters of Phoenician and Greek colonists with natives of the Iberian Peninsula remodeled the quarter and inspired the total historical past of the Mediterranean.

One of the 1st books on those encounters to seem in English, this quantity brings jointly a multinational crew of participants to discover historic Iberia’s colonies and indigenous societies, in addition to the comparative research of colonialism. those scholars—from more than a few disciplines together with classics, historical past, anthropology, and archaeology—address such issues as alternate and intake, altering city landscapes, cultural variations, and the ways that those concerns performed out within the Greek and Phoenician imaginations. Situating historical Iberia inside of Mediterranean colonial historical past and developing a theoretical framework for imminent encounters among colonists and natives, those stories exemplify the hot highbrow vistas opened by means of the engagement of colonial stories with Iberian history.

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This is why I have preferred to use the term entanglement to denote the process that unfolded in early encounters in the Western Mediterranean,100 reserving the terms creolization and hybridity, if they are to be used at all, for the quite different kinds of situations and cultural transformations, lodged in very different asymmetries of power, that developed later in the history of the encounter, especially following Roman colonization. As I noted above, postcolonial theory has been especially concerned with the analysis of discourse, to the general neglect of the material dimension of colonialism.

89 As noted above, scholars developing these perspectives by no means ignore the global structures of economic and political power in which colonial encounters unfolded or reject wholesale the numerous insights of worldsystems analysis in this domain. Rather, they seek to improve upon previous work, countering the mechanistic, reductionist tendencies noted earlier by finding more flexible and sensitive, multiscalar ways of relating local histo- Colonial Encounters in Iberia and the Western Mediterranean • 29 ries and global processes.

74 This research program was especially concerned to establish uniform definitions of concepts and comprehensive typologies of contact situations and responses. Although research carried out under this program produced many valuable insights that are still useful, the acculturation perspective as a theoretical approach is now considered to be seriously flawed for several reasons. One of the most salient problems is that the models developed tended to use the transfer of “culture traits” (often meaning material culture objects or stylistic elements, or technical or ritual practices) as a measure of cultural change, which implies a highly static and rigid conception of the nature of culture.

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