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This vastly accelerated version of Dr. Kraft's publication speaking the Gospel God's method courses us in our try to know the way God seeks to speak the gospel to unbelievers. Kraft exhibits that God wants His humans to carry His message via human existence, now not purely formulaic causes or published phrases.

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Before God came to earth in Jesus Christ, how credible was anything he had to say concerning human life? It is all quite different Jesus' Demonstration of God 31 now, however. For we know that Jesus lived and learned and suffered and died as one of us. Because, therefore, he identified with us, we can relate to him. We could not identify with a book or a loudspeaker, only with a human being. When, therefore, he says, live as I have lived, suffer as I have suffered, give as I have given, we can follow him.

Jesus seemed to opt for his receptors to use their creativity to construct answers that would be maximally meaningful to them. Attractive personal experience is, however, probably the greatest stimulus to discovery. Some Christians are adept at living their lives in such a way that they become open invitations to others to discover what it is about them that is so attractive. For this to happen, though, our life needs to be visible enough to others for them to see and discover what makes us tick.

A casebook, however, is characterized by the kind of specificity to real life that the Bible is full of. The biblical accounts concern specific people in specific times and places with specific needs that are dealt with by means of specific interactions with God. God, in his communication, goes beyond the general to the specific. So should we. 8. God's communication invites personal discovery. The most impactful kind of learning is that which comes to us via discovery. In our Western educational procedures, however, we seem to go largely against this principle.

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