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In fact, the obstacles to self-management noted in studies of the post-1974 delegate system (Siber, 1978; Polic, 1979; Perovic, 1979) are very similar to studies of decision making and legislative development in the earlier period (Jerovsek, 1969, Marinkovic, 1971; Pa~ic, 1970) in this respect. The serious difficulties concerning the accountability of elected delegates also weaken the control which citizens and amateur delegates (who are more numerous in the lower tiers of the legislative structure) can exercise over political professionals.

238-42; Ivani~evic, 1979, pp. 250-4; Zupanov, 1979, pp. 295-312). It is important to stress that the recent Yugoslav studies do not indicate the direct or overt dominance of the party organisation qua organisation, but rather the strong influence of a political aktiv including party leaders, governmental and administrative executives and officials from various socio-political organisations. This aktiv is, then, an organisationally heterogeneous grouping of professional politicians who can 'manipulate' the self-management system according to their own goals.

This is particularly true when, as in the case of the Yugoslav Federal Assembly, the administrative staff services of the legislature tend to work closely and identify with the state administrative agencies formally accountable to the legislature. ), the internal 'logic' of administrative growth 42 Legislatures in Comparative Perspective fostered by the demands of government in an industrialised society actually increased the resources and also the political weight of the public bureaucracy. ) among its functionaries, and the reduction of its subordination to the external control of the party's bureaucratic apparatus (Cohen, 1974).

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