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By Lawrence H. Keith

The preferred first version of this e-book contained nearly six hundred analyte/method summaries. This re-creation comprises two times as many new EPA-approved tools for trying out and reading commercial chemical substances, insecticides, herbicides, dioxins, and PCBs and is a broadcast model of the EPA's Sampling and research equipment Database.
Each analyte/method precis includes all the info required to face on my own as a reference. hence, as well as a short precis of every approach, descriptions contain required instrumentation, interferences, sampling bins, protection strategies, greatest conserving occasions, detection degrees, accuracy, precision, quality controls requisites, EPA reference, and, whilst to be had, EPA contacts with mobile numbers. each one summarized file is a "stand-alone" record.

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Soils, sediments, or sludges — Use an 8-oz. widemouth glass with a screw-top Teflon®-lined cover that has been prewashed with detergent and rinsed with distilled water and methanol (or isopropanol). QUALIT Y CONTR OL A methylene chloride solution containing 50 ng/µL of decafluorotriphenylphosphine (DFTPP) is used for tuning the GC/MS system each 12-h shift. A system performance check also must be made during every 12-h shift. A standard containing 50 ng/µL each of 4,4′-DDT, pentachlorophenol, and benzidine is required to verify injection port inertness and GC column performance.

Spike all samples with labeled compounds to assess method performance. Compute percent recovery of the labeled compounds using the internal standard method. Compare the labeled compound recovery for each compound with the corresponding labeled compound recovery. The MDL (in µg/kg) in low solids was not listed and in high solids was not listed; these were determined in digested sludge (low solids) and in filter cake or compost (high solids). Reagent water and high solids reference matrix blanks are analyzed to demonstrate freedom from contamination.

If the retention time for any internal standard changes by more than 30 seconds from the last check calibration (12 h), the chromatographic system must be SAMPLING METHOD Liquid samples — Use a 1 or 2½ gallon amber glass bottle with a screw-top Teflon®-lined cover that has been prewashed with detergent and rinsed with distilled water and methanol (or isopropanol). ©1996 CRC Press LLC inspected for malfunctions and corrections must be made, as required. If the electron ionization current plot (EICP) area for any of the internal standards changes by a factor of two from the last daily calibration standard check, the mass spectrometer must be inspected for malfunctions and corrections must be made, as appropriate.

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