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By Michael Greenhalgh

A survey of many of the ways that the wide is still of historical structure have been reused or destroyed within the crescent from Greece and Turkey via Syria, Palestine, North Africa to Islamic Spain. The e-book enhances and echoes many of the subject matters within the author's "Marble earlier, huge current" (2009). delivering loads of different examples, it examines how the traditional panorama used to be reworked - cities, roads and ports, fountains and waterways, tombs, palaces, villas and inscriptions. It then addresses reuse in church buildings, mosques and different constructions, dealing additionally with creditors and museum-builders. additionally thought of are the dismantling and delivery of the usually giant blocks, and the superstitions surrounding antiquities which contributed to their carrying on with renown or to their destruction.

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G. archives of the Service Historique de la Défense (Terre) at Vincennes: MR1216– 1627 for Turquie 1676–1869; MR1677 Egypt to 1830; MR1678 for Egypt 1831–1867. 18 introduction Many could give a context to the landscapes they saw, thanks to their classical education, and this was also the case with the military and naval officers who supported and protected Western commercial enterprises abroad. cxxvii As for illustrations, we need to steer a path between what appear to be accurate renditions of the current state of the monument, hopeful reconstructions (much more interesting for many readers),cxxviii and embellishments to render views picturesque – potentially misleading for us, because they frequently include fallen columns, capitals, and other pieces of ancient furniture.

Xl This basic imbalance between the modern and the old also affected how locals viewed the past, and was the cause of much destruction during the 19th century, as erstwhile traditional countries learned to do things the European way. 43 Changes in fortification were also significant, since theory and practice developed throughout the 19th century as weaponry changed – and once again it was the ancient ruins which usually suffered the consequences. xliii And, if they were Ibn Khaldun, they could develop theories of how towns decline and monuments suffer,xliv because he had certainly 39 Leone 2007, 208–213 for The “Re-use” of Public Buildings and Churches in Byzantine North Africa: Churches built into fountains and porticoes, and of course temples.

Cxxx The second, from the later 17th century, adds travel for the looting of antiquities and their transport back for building projects in Europe. But of course many antiquities lay partially underground, their existence marked out by mounds, or by local treasure-hunting activites – so this development blends effortlessly into archaeology, when antiquities were collected to adorn the newly-founded museums of Europe. cxxxiii The third development flows from and complements the second, facilitated by improved sea, road and rail communications – namely mass tourism and the development of the guidebook.

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