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By J. O. Irwin (auth.), Walter Joh. Ziegler (eds.)

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Information is obtained on the n dwelling units in the sample, and it is noted that is the count of dwelling units in this sample that contain women that belong to the specified subclass-that is, females 30 or over with no child under 12. Let Xl be the average income per dwelling unit in these dwelling units. Some incomes in the specified subclass may be O. nl and Xl are both random variables: so is their product n1 Xl, the total income of the women in the sample that belong to the specified subclass.

Av X = 3 = A, which illustrates the unbiased character of the sampling procedure. Likewise, Av Y = 8 = B. 3. Var X =i{ (0 - 3)2 + (4 - 3)2 + (2 - 3)2 + (6 - 3)2} = 20/4 =5. 52) + a2 ) = 20/4 = 5. 5 2 • Table 5 Table of all possible samples selected from Plan II from the frame shown above, with P = Q = 1/2. 5 Sampling units in sample 61 Variances of Estimators of a Total Population 4. Suppose that we know N, and that we use the estimator X' = N 2 = 22 for the total x-population. The three useable values of X' would then be 4, 2, 3, whose average value agrees with A = 3.

Edwards Deming Estimates could be made by direction of flow, upstream and downstream separately, and by big fish and little fish, if desired. The equation just written would give the conditional reI-variance of the estimate of any class of fish. Another example. Any scheme for reduction of the probahility of selection of sampling units that have some specified characteristic (such as certain items of low value) by use of random thinning digits or their equivalent should be examined carefully for the hazards of extra variance in the estimate of a total.

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