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This is often an up-date evaluate of the rules and perform of evaporative cooling tower layout, building, software and upkeep. it's an up to date SI model of a famous common paintings, and takes into consideration alterations in production perform and new matters equivalent to water filtration, environmental safety and the regulate of Legionella micro organism

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Protective paints can be applied to exposed areas but such protection must be inspected regularly and re-treated when necessary. Better protection can be obtained by the hot dipped galvanizing process after the tower sections have been cut, shaped, drilled and welded as necessary; thorough cleaning and smooth fettling of weld seams is essential before hot dipping. An alternative process is the electrolytic zinc coating of steel sheet, followed by an etch primer with finish based on epoxy, acrylic, or vinyl resins and final stoving.

If operating air wet bulb temperature rises above design level there will be a small rise in the temperature of the water leaving the tower, but this rise will be less than the excess over design level. The design temperature must be assessed on the merits of each application after careful consideration of the points referred to above. 1 shows the results of wet bulb temperature variation on a specific tower. Here, for constant water flow rate, air flow rate, and temperature range, the variation in water-off temperatures with wet bulb temperature is given.

For a given air wet bulb temperature, the re-cooled water temperature has a considerable effect on tower size. 5 Practical aspects of tower selection 51 large cooling tower. More practically, as one tries to cool nearer to the air wet bulb temperature the tower size increases very rapidly. It is not usual to have an approach to the air wet bulb temperature of less than 3°C - a more usual figure is 4°C. However, reputable manufacturers will guarantee an approach to within about 2°C of the air wet bulb temperature if this is required.

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