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Unusual Bedfellows The Kindred are solitary predators, but anything inside of compels them to search out others in their sort. even if shaped as a social faction, a cult of heretics, a consortium of conspirators or as an workout in defense in numbers, a coterie of Kindred isn't any unusual factor to determine after sundown. How, then, do its participants reconcile their bestial urges with the calls for of nightly unlife? belief does not Come simply Coteries examines the "family unit" of Kindred society. damaged down via sect and extended family relatives, this ebook sheds mild on how teams of disparate vampires put aside their ameliorations (or nurse grudges) to guard themselves opposed to the adverse global within which they exist. occasionally, in simple terms your fellow Kindred can guard you from the darkness, yet trusting them to take action is a deadly proposition in itself. Hardcover.

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The chemistry is just right, and the brood becomes extremely close-knit. When the brood’s sire is just and fair to all her childer, when the brood-mates share something in common other than their Damned status (similarities harking back to their breathing days, for example), or if the brood discovers that it does seem to work better together than with others, a group identity coalesces. The members might perceive all other Kindred to be suspicious or hostile. When the shared blood results in a sense of mutual trust and dependence between broodmates, the bond between them far surpasses that generated by mere covenant affiliation.

Embrace Strategically A wise sire Embraces a variety of mortals for his single-clan coterie to make up for the lack of diversity in the Blood. While he has little control over the Disciplines his brood masters, selecting mortals with a range of abilities yields a more viable coterie in the long run. Create a Group Identity Traditional coteries have a major advantage over singleclan coteries: They share a philosophy and a goal, however nebulous. If a Ventrue, a Daeva, a Mekhet and a Nosferatu all come together as part of an Invictus coterie, they have their covenant’s culture in common, and they know what the rules of interaction are.

If a character has run across only one single-clan coterie in the course of her Requiem, it’s likely to be from one of these two clans. Nosferatu Coteries Disturbing and disturbed as they are, the Nosferatu are beloved by none. Physically and mentally unsettling, the Nosferatu are frequently hounded from vampire society not by violence, but by the nigh-palpable fear of the other clans. Many Kindred would be perfectly content to see the Haunts destroyed down to the last neonate. Only their often-useful skills at stealth and terror earn them a place in Elysium at all.

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