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By Heather Mann

Negative Bridgit, who over priced the dimensions of her head—her selfmade frilly lace bathe cap got here directly right down to her chin. And who can blame Lindsey for pondering "glitter shoes" gave the impression of a funky, effortless undertaking rather than what it grew to become out to be: a puddle of glowing glop. and very, whoever published that tremendous Spaghetti-Stuffed Garlic Bread on Pinterest will be sued. whilst Mindy pulled hers from the oven, it appeared like a "hot mess of intestines streaming out of doughy flesh." Mmmm, thanks, Pinterest!
Written by way of Heather Mann, writer of, her hilarious web publication with thousands of web page perspectives and thousands of fans, CraftFail celebrates the inventive strategy, yet from the opposite part. this can be the stuff that will get the "A for Effort" and LOL for end result. yet as soon as the laughter dies down, it additionally evokes a hot feel-good recognize for crafters who aren't afraid to fail. finally, whether there's no longer a mortal alive other than Martha who could make a Waxed center beneficial of striking on your window to trap the solar, why shouldn't many try out? whilst it is going flawed, why shouldn't the remainder of us get pleasure from this Epic Fail? after which examine all of the full-color pictures that rfile it.
Home decor fails, style fails, vacation fails, meals fails, child crafting fails— as one nameless crafter stated: "It wasn't presupposed to finish this way." fortunately for us, it did.

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