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Protegiendo la Biodiversidad: Leyes nacionales que regulan el acceso a los recursos genéticos en el continente Americano

This is often the Spanish variation of ''Protecting Biodiversity''. in the international locations of South and North the USA are discovered one of the most different collections of natural world on the planet. Colombia on my own contains over 50 thousand assorted plant species. This priceless source, in spite of the fact that, is instantly dwindling.

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If the deficiencies and underlying risk factors are not identified and corrected, the 300 accidents will ultimately lead to one major injury or fatality. The key is to ensure complete understanding that the management team must take a proactive approach to the safety and loss prevention function rather than reacting when an incident or accident happens. With regard to the management of safety and loss prevention, there are several management theories and approaches, including management control system management, management by objectives, group dynamic and human approach management, and Total Safety Management, that have successfully been utilized in different organizations.

Several safety and loss prevention professionals have taken community involvement to the next level by actually involving the community in their in-plant safety and loss prevention programs. For example, one safety and loss prevention professional writes a column for the local newspaper that talks about the safety and loss prevention activities of her company and other local companies. In another location, the safety and loss prevention professional published photographs of the safety award winners each month in the local newspaper.

The family unit is the underlying basis for the activities of most employees. The family is the motivating factor for many employees to do a good job and advance in the company. However, how often do we involve the family in the activities at work? Most employees spend as many or more hours at work as they do with their ­family. Often, employees form close bonds with their coworkers, or “quasi-family” units. Does everyone in the employee’s family know how mom or dad spends her or his time while at work?

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