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When the patient starts her labour, all these conditionings must be strengthened. This is done by the attending doctor or the nurse, simply by repeating shortly the different elements taught. To sum up: preparation for painless childbirth consists in creating conditioned dynamic stereotypes in the woman's brain. These stereotypes are reinforced when labour begins. CHAPTER V PSYCHOPROPHYLACTIC PREPARATION OF THE PREGNANT WOMAN AT the first examination, in the beginning of pregnancy, the future mother should be told briefly about the method of painless childbirth.

Muscular relaxation corresponds to a relative cortical activation, helping to maintain a favourable nervous balance and saving oxygen. FOURTH LECTURE : Mechanism of Labour This should be given by the obstetrician himself and illustrated by numerous diagrams and pictures. Starting from fertilization, the evolution of pregnancy is described. The importance of amniotic fluid is stressed. Braxton-Hicks contractions are explained. Having mentioned that often well-prepared mothers do not notice the first regular contractions at all, it is indicated that the symptoms of labour should be described.

Another example now : Suppose you had a relative who was very ill and had been for a long time. You knew it and the doctor had told you long ago that there was no hope left. Gradually the patient became worse. You had the feeling he could die from one day to another. If the telegram brought to you on this Sunday afternoon announced the death of this relative, you would be prepared for it so that the shock would not be so violent. It would have been a more or less expected event for which you were prepared.

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