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By Roger Brockett (auth.), Mark Alber, Bei Hu, Joachim Rosenthal (eds.)

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They are trained to believe that they are working longer and harder in medical school then other disciplines in their graduate programs. ) I have found that most physicians are easy to work with once it is established that you are working as equals. I will mention just a few more or less typical problems that I have found to be of interest. The process of bone remodeling is of importance in the formation of stress fractures and in osteoporosis. Cellular damage occurs when the bone is stressed and the body removes the damaged material.

I don't believe that everything that we are doing at TTU will fit every other group in the country, but some of what we are doing could serve as a paradigm for any applied mathematics department in the United States. I would hesitate to attempt to define the difference between pure mathematics and applied mathematics, but if we are willing to concede that there is a difference then it must be that applied mathematics is mathematics that is applied to something outside of a mathematics department.

During the last three years we have hired a few people who fit into one or the other of these groups and several people in the department have become interested in these biological problems. At this point well over half of the department is involved at one level or the other with mathematics applied to biology. The program at Tech is quite successful in many regards. We have managed to develop an applied mathematics group that works very closely with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), the College of Agriculture, the Department of Biology and with various individuals in the area of public health throughout the state.

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