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By J. Poolos, Arthur Meier Schlesinger

In old historical past, Darius I stands by myself as an administrator with extraordinary perception into the workings of an empire. lower than his management, the Persian Empire became the most important and strongest diplomatic and monetary strength on this planet. After he cleverly seized the throne and quelled a sequence of revolts, Darius undertook a thorough reorganization of different peoples who inhabited the Iranian Plateau, instituting the practices of spiritual tolerance, common fiscal reform, and a good procedure of legislation that might later be followed by way of the generations that him within the close to East and Europe. on the time of his dying in 486 BCE, he had reworked the whole heart East right into a dominion of innovative govt. In ''Darius the Great'', learn the tale of his astonishing ascendance to the throne, his shrewdpermanent international relations, and the army mistakes that marked his final position now not as a conqueror, yet as a governor of the folks.

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29 30 darius the great great losses. Fearing his forces lacked the strength to fight, he returned home to recoup. He then attempted to take the Siwa Sasis and later Carthage, both of which were failures. At this time, according to the writings of Darius, Gaumata was pretending to be Smerdis, the brother Cambyses had killed. By some accounts, Cambyses died by accident. By others, he tried to march on Gaumata, but seeing he would likely fail a coup, he took his own life. In either case, Cambyses was out of the picture, and Darius ambushed Gaumata and assumed the throne.

But Darius connected the segments and improved the quality of the road surface. He then employed a system whereby couriers would carry important news back and forth. These couriers were like a relay team: one would ride at a high rate of speed for several hours before handing the documents to the next courier, who was stationed at a designated post. The couriers could cover the entire road in about seven days. If they needed to leave the road to reach remote areas, they could arrive at the farthest borders of the empire in about 15 days.

No empire in history had ever been so widespread, and so there was no standard for communications over so large an area. Darius had a solution. He had a road built moving east/ west across the western portion of the empire, which was more 41 42 darius the great Darius built the Royal Road from Sardes to Susa, the site of his palace, from which a detail is shown (above), creating a faster means of spreading and collecting news and rumors. The road also allowed for a more efficient way to deploy forces to suppress revolts.

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