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By Michael Goodwin, Morgan McLaughlin, Patrick O'Duffy

The trap of PowerLucifer grew to become his again on God and an entire 3rd of the Host of Heaven joined him in damnation. Now, some of these damned wretches behold God's Earth back, referred to as forth from their position of torment by means of the silly, the grasping or the determined. those that summon demons don't pass unpunished - God and His servants see to that. yet neither do they move unrewarded.No fee is simply too HighDevil's Due is a sourcebook for the total darkish a while line. It presents information regarding demons and those that worship them, together with cults, infernalist spellcasters, and people unlucky and silly few who make pacts with the demonic host. Devil's Due bargains epic antagonists to your chronicles, and comprises whole construction principles for characters with a tenuous grip on their souls.

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While a dedicated demon can use a rival’s Celestial Name as a clue to its True Name, the Celestial Name isn’t sufficient to give the demon power over the rival. A demon can communicate over vast distances with another demon by invoking or speaking its Celestial Name. This can even happen by accident; if a mortal speaks the Celestial Name of a demon, the demon may possibly “hear” the speaker and choose to reply. This is rarely a good thing. While records of True Names are rare, lists of demonic Celestial Names can be found all over Europe.

Such a vessel would be a perfect body for a demon, save for one fatal drawback. A mortal soul may be created in God’s image, proof against the power of demon-kind, but a mortal’s body is just meat and bone. A demon’s soul is a staggering nexus of supernatural energy, and the human body simply cannot channel such power and survive. Even if the demon exits its vessel seconds after possessing it, its spiritual taint has already permeated every fiber of the mortal’s body; the mortal will die, and no force short of divine intervention can prevent his end.

An existing item, no matter how fine or valuable, cannot be used as a reliquary, because it lacks the essential spiritual component — the faith and devotion invested by the demon’s followers during its creation. The first requirement for a reliquary’s design is the material from which it is crafted. Specific demons have an affinity for specific substances, reflecting the role they played in the creation of the world before the Fall. A demon who was once an angel of fire still possesses an affinity for flame, and requires a reliquary that speaks to that affinity — one crafted from rubies and stone taken from a dormant volcano, perhaps.

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