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By G. S. Rai MD, MSc, MRCP, V. Pearce MB, BSc, MRCP (auth.)

The objective of those brief notes is to supply the newcomer to the speciality of geriatrics with a large even though now not exhaustive differential analysis of many of the generally encountered signs within the aged, and to attract specific recognition tothe universal and demanding problems. the typical motives of indicators and the typical dis­ eases in addition to definite good points that have particular significance to the drugs of the aged are emphasised. a last part on investigations (with brief notes) which one might hire within the perform of geriatric medication is incorporated besides an appendix of ordinary values for the aged. In our view this booklet doesn't convey how geriatric drugs is practised however it does offer an summary of medical points of medication (geriatrics), wisdom of that is necessary to the perform of ger­ iatrics. G.S.R. V.P. Foreword I take the view that if energy is lowered to the level that it interferes with lifestyles because the outdated individual would want to reside it, then a formal clinical evaluation may be made as a part of the final appraisal of that person's difficulties. the supply of a house aid or the nutrients on wheels carrier can't be anticipated to revitalize the individual being affected by hypothroidism or pernicious anaemia! within the occasion either scientific therapy and social aid will be wanted and to supply one with out the opposite will be part measures.

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