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A probabilistic approach for examining aircraft concept feasibility and viability

Plane layout three (2000) seventy nine - one hundred and one

Flight to Heaven: A Plane Crash...A Lone Survivor...A Journey to Heaven--and Back

Flight To Heaven is a superbly written and awesome account of existence, demise - and existence back. within the early days of his flying profession, Capt. Dale Black used to be a passenger in a terrible plane crash which a few have referred to as the main ironic in aviation background. He used to be the single survivor. within the grotesque aftermath of the crash Dale skilled a life-changing trip to heaven.

P-35A, AT-12 P-66 in Swedish Service as J9, B6 J10

Introduction:From the start, i presumed of writing a booklet concerning the Seversky/Republic EP-1 version 106, (designated J9 within the Royal Swedish Air strength, RSAF) that will possibly contain the Seversky/Republic 2 PA version 204A Guardsman (B6) and Vultee 48C forefront (J10) in addition. After 1/2 the manuscript used to be written, i discovered out that one other writer had additionally come so far as me with one other publication in regards to the J9.


The scrapping of the Nimrod software has been essentially the most debatable occasions within the army aviation global for lots of a yr. for many of its operational existence, from 1969 to this point, its contribution to the protection of the world and its position in offensive tasks used to be, of necessity, usually shrouded in secrecy.

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The hazards that Lightning pilots had to contend with were many and varied. Not long after take-off on 9 September the pilot of XM175 from 56 Squadron was flying straight and level at 15,000 feet when his senses were assailed by various klaxons, attention-getters and warning lights in the cockpit. The first indication of trouble was when the AC warning light came on and this was quickly followed by the turbine and generator lights. The pilot immediately switched off all non-essential electrics and AC instruments and made a rapid return to Wattisham using his stand-by radio.

However, the outcome was rather different. Flying Officer T. Mermagen of 56 Squadron was taking off in XM183 when, shortly after raising the nose-wheel prior to lift off, he became aware that the canopy was lifting. Although his speed was approximately 170 knots IAS he immediately throttled back and streamed the braking parachute. Not long after the canopy broke free and hit the fin before falling on to the runway. Despite applying maximum braking and shutting down both engines, Flying Officer Mermagen was unable to prevent his aircraft from entering the barrier at the end of the runway.

Once again the collapse was due to a faulty casting in the undercarriage leg. The damage was repaired by the end of May, when the aircraft was returned to service. 1 from Coltishall and on 3 April one of its aircraft (XM140) suffered an engine fire shortly after take–off. 1 engine and was noticed as the aircraft was climbing through 1,400 feet, the pilot immediately throttled back but the warning light stayed on. He then descended below cloud and carried out his fire drill at the same time as turning onto the downwind leg.

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