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By Blair Reynolds

Delta eco-friendly is a sourcebook for the decision of Cthulhu role-playing online game. Delta eco-friendly seamlessly accommodates into the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft such sleek horrors as UFOs and alien abductions, govt conspiracies, the manipulation of society and politics through 'secret masters,' and stable quaint paranoia.

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Awareness Once you’ve Awakened, you’ve become aware. Your world’s bigger, with more possibilities. Sensations become more vivid. The Avatar becomes a presence in your life. Things no longer seem random but appear to follow a greater design. Awareness shows you your place in that design… and shows you how to work with it. Instruction and Mentorship Baby birds still need to be taught how to fly. So do we. Instruction is essential for magical folks. Without it, we become hazards to ourselves and everyone in sight.

Who’s in Charge Here? Looking your Avatar in the face, it’s easy to see why so many people wonder who’s commanding whom. That spirit, after all, seems like a cross between a teacher, a drill sergeant, and your worst nightmare, especially when you’re in the middle of a Seeking. To certain mages, notably the Technocratic ones, the whole “avatar” thing is self-delusion… or worse, manipulation by outside forces too horrible to contemplate. Certain Awakened folks gravitate toward the Technocracy in order to escape their Avatars, submerging those weird spectres in routines of clean, efficient science.

Doissetep: (metaplot) Legendary Hermetic stronghold: the oldest and most powerful of its kind, second only to Horizon in size and scale. Self-destructed when the Ascension Warrior brought internal tensions to detonation point, Doissetep has been associated with the Tower card in Tarot and is regarded as a symbol of majestic hubris. doxed: Fouled by Paradox; also, fuckdoxed, especially when referring to persistent Resonance or Paradox effects. Dram: A measure of Tass. Ecstatic: Capitalized, a member of the Cult of Ecstasy.

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