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Half One THE CONQUEST OF loss of life AT delivery I. Childbirth and Civilization 3T he care given the child-bearing lady; an index of civilization Medieval indifference to the discomfort of ladies Baptism earlier than start Filthy a while of religion stipulations for the lady of at the present time Leaders within the conquest of loss of life The cultural lag Low place of ladies within the usa How primitive girls endure their young children Why they've got few problems The hazardous affects of civilization -N ative confinements Customs of purification exertions believed a voluntary act at the childs half tough tips in tricky laborS aliva as a therapeutic agent the increase of the midwives Early laws to manage midwives The obstetrical chair Innovation of utilizing a mattress for childbirth Indian obstetrical practices the drugs of the traditional Greeks Legends of y!sculapius Hygeia A celestial professor Restoring the inhabitants of Hades remedy within the Temple of Esculapius Discrimination opposed to childbearing ladies The oath of yE sculapius Hippocrates the nice Manifold tasks of Greek midwives toddler publicity Abortion Systematized superstitions of the Romans The Greek physicians migrate toR ome They gather their charges Cato sprediction Pliny No legislation opposed to malpractice The Greek physicians misbehave themselves Royal intrigue Greek medication develops in Rome Soranus the height of historic midwifery The opinion of Soranus on abortion. II. Sairey Gamps and theM idmen x5 drugs declines and fanaticism rises the main unlucky interval within the historical past of womankind girl will pay for the autumn of guy A ban placed upon abortion Ccsarean part encouraged Crude surgeryS ex recommendations and theology The supervision of midwives and prostitutes Sairey Gamps and vagabond surgeons Shepherds and herdsmen excluded from obstetrical circumstances an indication of advancing civilizationS anitary stipulations in medieval towns Unpaved streets and pigpens
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So great, as the Greeks believed, was the power of y^sculapius over disease, so wonderful were the cures which he accomplished, and so noble and pure his character, that they not only a god, but erected temples in his honor. ^sclepieia, became the prototypes of our hospitals, and schools of medicine. The means chiefly employed for the restoration of health were sunlight, fresh air, pure water, The priests did not, however, hesitate to use exercise, and diet. drugs and even perform operations if the patient's condition seemed to warrant them, but the whole of their medical procedure was strongly tinctured with superstition and religious practices.

In the time of wifery was at its Hugh Chamberlen the opposition to male mid- height and he gained no popularity from the choice of his specialty; moreover, he dabbled in politics. The of England in the latter half of the seventeenth century edged and them. Hugh Chamberlen found them so by politics were two- his contact with In consequence he retired to Paris for the quieter atmosphere XIV's reign. While there he attempted to sell his precious family secret and was directed to Mauriceau, who was then the of Louis leading obstetrician of France.

Much good; who had The book, nevertheless, ac- was extensively plagiarized by later authors and was translated into Latin, French, Dutch, and English, in which last country the title became The Byrthe of Mankynde. The exclusion of men from the study of the child-bearing woman rose in some instances to fanatical heights. Dr. Wertt, of Hamburg, in 1522, put on the dress of a woman to attend and study a case of labor. As a punishment for his impiety he was burned to death. complished it In the sixteenth century can be detected the first stir that presaged made in the care given the child-bearing The Rose Garden of Roslin was the first the sweeping advances to be woman and her child.

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