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B)What are the complications? 115,116 A patient who has had a keratoplasty and has a fixed pupil. (a)What else is shown? (b)Name the syndrome. 116 55 117 117 (a)What is the pathology of this abnormality? (b) What is the likely organism? 118 (a)List the eye complications of a severe adverse drug reaction. (b )Name the syndrome. ( c)Discuss the immunopathology. 118 56 119 119 (a)What is the significance of the anterior corneal appearance? (b )List the possible causes. 120 120 (a) What is shown? (b) What are the ocular manifestations?

B)What other complications occur? (c)What other conditions can give rise to this fundus appearance? 152 71 153 153 Is this congenital or inflammatory? l54 154-156 (a)Do these pictures show the same pathology, (b )If so, what is the diagnosis? (c)What is the differential diagnosis of the advanced stage? l55 72 1~ 157 (a)What is the IS' descriptive term for this disc appearance? (b)What is the under! ying cause? What other congenital anomaly may be associated? 73 158 158 What is the association between this , Demodex folliculorum and rhinophyma?

163 ... t il'' --- 76 ..... ' . 164 164,165 (a) What is this co nd itio n? (b) List the eye ma nifestatio ns o f this conditio n . 165 77 166What is this operation, and for what condition is it used? 167 (a)Is the pupil pathological? (b)What are the symptoms? 16 168 78 168 (a)What is shown here? (b )Is this a normal phenomenon? (c)What is their origin? 169 169,170After thyroidectomy this patient developed cataract and corneal signs. Why? 170 171 (a)What is the diagnosis? (b )What is the underlying aetiology?

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