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By W. Randall Garr

Garr's vintage learn on dialect geography of the Levant used to be the 1st book-length try and persist with within the steps of Zellig Harris, The improvement of the Canaanite Dialects in forty five years. This Eisenbrauns' reprint makes the booklet (out of print for numerous years) on hand once more to scholars of the Canaanite languages.

The booklet opens with an creation that provides the method used, a survey of previous experiences, the corpus of texts utilized in the examine, and Garr's objectives. the subsequent 3 chapters supply a complete record of phonological, morphological, and syntactical gains, that are then accumulated right into a complete desk and analyzed for his or her relevance to dialectical category. Conclusions and a wealthy bibliography stick with, in addition to indexes of topic, texts pointed out, and phrases.

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