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By Donald Trent Jacobs; Walter Block

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The language of liberalism and conservatism thus causes people to forget we must work together to achieve goals that are not all that similar. This of course, is what we are trying to do in this book and hopefully it is the purpose of academic freedom in general (Jacobs, 1994, p. 64–65). It may also prevent us from truly understanding one another. In any case, I hope our opening chapter shows how both Walter and I are attempting to do what John Stewart Mill offers as important. He is talking about learning to know the perspective of someone with an opposing view: He must be able to hear them from persons who actually believe them; who defend them in earnest, and do their very utmost for them.

21; see also Bass, 1995). There are, of course, cases that appear to be on the other side of the ledger. For instance, feminist and lesbian theologian Mary Daly was seemingly fired from Boston College for her socialist views (Autostraddle, 2010). But, not so, not so. Professor Daly was, rather, dismissed because she would not allow any male students to enroll in her classes, contrary to explicit college rules. She could have continued to wax eloquent about her “Gyn/Ecology” perspective had she not insisted upon this exclusion.

I thought this would have been clear from Four Arrows’ new appreciation for the idea of universities “being somewhat like a business,” but one cannot have too much clarity about such issues. ” It is not at all my view that leftish professors are brutalized to a greater degree than are rightist ones over the globe. Rather, fascist 29 CHAPTER 2 dictators do this, to be sure, but communists return the favor in the opposite direction. R. However, my main focus in this regard is not the rest of the world.

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