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By Karen Van Hoek, Andrej A. Kibrik, Leo Noordman

This quantity offers chosen papers from the fifth overseas Cognitive Linguistics convention in the quarter of discourse research. the subjects addressed comprise pronominal anaphora in English and Russian narratives, the subtleties of the convinced article in English and Spanish, using discourse debris in Dutch, and the functionality of prosody as a marker of textual content constitution in spoken narratives. The papers illustrate the possibility of the rising cognitive linguistic paradigm to supply clean, revealing insights within the examine of discourse.

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1996). WM is also becoming an important issue in neuroscience, see Smith & Jonides (1997). The range of classical questions about WM includes, inter alia, the following three: 2. • • • CAPACITY: how much information can there be in WM at one time CONTROL: what is the mechanism through which information enters WM FORGETTING: what is the mechanism through which information quits WM and at the conference Dialogue ’98 in Tarusa (October 1998). I thank all the colleagues who attended those presentations and supplied important comments, especially Russ Tomlin, Michael Tomasello, Leo Noordman, Wietske Vonk, Anatolij Baranov, Dmitrij Dobrovol’skij, and Ol’ga Fedorova.

In principle, such occurrences of pronouns can be accounted for by the activation-based rules. Syntactic anaphora is no doubt a grammaticalization of activation-based anaphora; the factors operating in both cases are quite similar. However, pronoun occurrences like those in (3) and (4) can be treated more simply as syntactically induced (this would probably be more adequate from a psychological standpoint as well). They appear in such tight and stereotypical contexts with their antecedents that trying to explain them through the sophisticated apparatus of activation factors would be an overcomplication.

However, it should be stated that all the referential facts contained in the original discourse, and obtained through experimentation with modified discourses, are indeed predicted/explained by the combination of activation factors with their numerical values, and the referential strategies. It should be mentioned that the arithmetical approach employed allows the AS to turn out somewhat higher than 1 in some cases. 1. This is interpreted as “extremely high activation” which gives the speaker no full NP option to mention the referent.

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