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The genuine tale in the back of this nice workhorse/attack airplane that served with contrast in Korea and Vietnam

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With the exception of the antenna array, the Air Force and Navy I Marine A-7 s were identical. The dimensions are the same for all single-seat variants from AD- 7 through AD-7 (A- 7J). (Mac) DOUGLAS A-I SKYRAIDER 43 The deck ofUSS Intrepid is a very busy place prior to another strike against targets in North Vietnam during February 1966. The Intrepid was an anti-submarine warfare support carrier, that flew search and rescue missions while on Yankee Station. The A-1 Hs are assigned to VA-176. The first aircraft has open nose flaps, while the second aircraft's are closed.

Enemy gunners hit four of the EA-1 s, and one of those was shot down. VA-25 A-1Js prepare to unfold their wings prior to launch from the USS Coral Sea in 1968 on a ResCAP mission into North Vietnam. NL -414 carries LAU-1 OA Zuni rocket pods. Navy SAR aircraft flying from Yankee Station, could not carry the ordnance loads of the Air Force A1s, which were based much closer to the combat arena. s. Navy) 52 WARBIRDTECH- - SIDE SIDE THEAD-S T he AD-S was Douglas' answer to the Navy requirement for an advanced anti-submarine aircraft.

The first squadron to see combat in the Korean War was VA-55 off the Happy Valley-the USS Valley Forge. VA-55's AD-4Qs attacked Pyongyang Airfield on July 3, 1950. It soon became known throughout Although nose art was not generally found on Navy/Marine aircraft, many did carry personal names and sayings. Betty Lou, an AD-4Q, flew with VF-54 aboard USS Essex in the fall of 7957. The performance of the AD was so superb, that the Navy had two AD squadrons originally tasked with a fighter mission. Although the prop is bent after hitting the deck, the aircraft is not greatly damaged.

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