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By Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche

Early background of Tibet mainly in the course of the reign of Bonpo kings from 1st cent. B.C. to fifth cent. A.D. in response to Bon resources.

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8. The 'Way of the Primordial Shen' (ye gshen theg pa), containing further tantric teachings. 9. The 'Supreme Way' (yang rtse blamed theg pa), comprising the Dzogchen teachings. 18 iv REVEALED BON, DERIVED BON AND TRANSFORMED BON Let us now analyse the classification of BOn found in texts of the Buddhist tradition. In the majority BOn is subdivided in three fundamental types corresponding to three historical periods: 'revealed' BOn (rdol bon or 'jol bon), 'derived' BOn ('khyar bon) and 'transformed' BOn (bsgyur bon).

They then decided that to inform them of the exact date she would leave some signs on the latse (cairn)46 on top of the pass. When the time came the King of Tibet with his ministers and several thousand soldiers went to the place they had agreed, accompanied by his Minister Nangnam Legdrub. The King was the first to climb to the peak of the pass, where he found a pan full of water containing three objects: a small piece of gold, a small piece of conch shell and a poisoned arrow head. " They made the necessary preparations, and when the two kings met the Tibetan soldiers slew the King of Shang Shung.

She told him "Deliver to me the basic texts and commentaries of my Four Series of Divine Bon and the Fifth, the Treasury! If you do not hand them over to me, and instead transform or destroy them, you will not have the time to propagate false teachings because I will end your life at sunset! ", and disappeared into nothingness. The King was frightened and started to worry. yung drung bon) is vast and manifold, it has been classified and committed to writing in the 'Four Series and the Fifth, the Treasury'.

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