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By Lester Frank Ward

Excerpt from Dynamic Sociology, or utilized Social technology, Vol. 1 of two: As dependent Upon Statical Sociology and the fewer advanced Sciences

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In the antitheses, he removes the foundations of reembracing and of morality, the latter conceived as deriving all ligion " If there is no from its sanction primordial Beauthority. " the fine shades, on the strength of which many distinguish will not free, ability as matter, modern scientists so stoutly reject the charge of material* ism ; yet he has clearly in view the stern mechanical con- * To those who would disdain material things as unworthy, it has been well " we know no more " replied that essentially what matter is than what mind is Henry Maudsley, "Fortnightly Review," August, 1879, p.

It is than the establishment of the antitheses, or empirical propositions, of Kant's antinomies. They have been nothing less removed from the domain of transcendental philosophy, subjected to scientific methods, such as are applied to all other problems, and proved as other propositions are proved by the inductive method. The eternity of matter and motion have passed into scientific postulates, while the uninterrupted and unlimited causal dependence of all phenomena in their relation of antecedence and sequence is the fundamental axiom from which all scientific and the infinitude of space now investigation the universe is is The entire self-sufficiency of proceeds.

It is necessary to keep constantly in view the object for set out namely, to consider the mutual relations which we subsisting between man and nature with a view to the effect which a correct understanding of them must produce upon human opinions and human action, which, as we shall hereMen must first after perceive, are intimately connected. A orient themselves before they can expect to go aright. man lost in a forest, or a pilot at sea in a fog without a compass, is as likely, in obeying his notions of the direction he should go, to go in the opposite direction or at right angles to the true direction as to adopt that only course which can bring him to safety.

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