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By C. D. Rodgers (auth.), B. Grandal, J. A. Holtet (eds.)

These complaints are established upon the evaluate lectures, the re­ seek talks and the accompanying dialogue from the NATO complex learn Institute on "The Dynamical and Chemical Coupling of the impartial and Ionized surroundings" held at Spatind, Norway April 12-22, 1977. lately, even with the various subdivisions of atmospher­ ic physics it has turn into transparent entire figuring out of the subject material calls for an interdisciplinary attempt of the scien­ tists engaged on quite a few atmospheric phenomena. This complex research Institute was once equipped so as to meet this call for. a few eminent scientists have been invited to study the most important subfields in atmospheric physics and disclose the parts the place the coupling among the impartial and ionized surroundings is clear. those evaluate papers have been supported by way of present examine effects. although, the cloth coated this is not at all entire con­ sidering the variety of subject material lined through the name. The re­ sponsibility for this inadequacy lies with the editors and the professional­ gram committee, instead of with the person individuals. Oslo, June 1977. B. Grandal J.A. Holtet. contributors Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics Arnold, F. P.O.Box 1248, D-0069 Heidelberg F.R.G. Bj ¢rn, L. Uppsala Ionospheric Observatory S-755 ninety Uppsala Sweden The Institute for Mathematical and actual Brekke, A.

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Dynamical and Chemical Coupling, 17-34. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1977 by D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, Holland. 18 K. ) have been summarized by Labitzke (1972a), given here in Figs. 1 and 2. Referring to these two illustrations, the following statements can be made: WEST GEIRIN ISH (57°N,07°W) 80 80 a 70 70 60 60 ,. J ;;l 40 40 30 20 20 -50 -40 FT. J 'it: 40 40 1--- EARLY WINTER (Befor. , b) for Fort Churchill, Canada. 1) The changes which happen during a stratospheric midwinter warming are not limited to the stratosphere but extend at least into the upper mesosphere.

The data, whose resolution varies from ~ 3 to 6 km, is then spline fitted and interpolated at 1 km intervals, where the interpolation routine guarantees that there exists no more than one inflection point between data points. These data are then differentiated and Richardson numbers determined to a one km interval. For this calculation we will examine the annual and the 6 months summer/winter averages of temperature, winds and Richardson number (eq. 1). Also the turbulent parameters will include (1) the occurrence rate of turbulence, based upon the occurrence of Ri less than or equal to \; (2) the rate of dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy (E); (3) vertical turbulent intensity w2 and (4) vertical turbulent diffusivity (K) within the limits set forth in the theory.

Phillips, O. M. 1967, Atmospheric Turbulence and Radio Wave Propagation, Proc. Int. , Moscow, 1965, Nauka, Moscow. Roper, R. G. 1966, J. Geophys. Res. 71, 5785. Roper, R. G. and Elford, W. G. 1963, Nature 197, 963. Smith, W. , Theon J. , Swartz, D. , Katchen, L. B. and Horvath, T. T. 1961-1967, NASA Tech. Rep, TR R-211,245, 263 and 288. Woodman, R. and Guillen, A. 1974, J. Atmos. Sci. 31, 493. Zimmerman, S. P. 1965, J. App. Meteor. i, 279. Zimmerman, S. P. 1973, J. Geophys. Res. 78, 3927. Zimmerman, S.

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