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By Simon Kuznets

This choice of essays via 1971 Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets, released posthumously, represents the first matters of his examine at a overdue part of his occupation, in addition to topics from his previous paintings.

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The limitations of this approach, some suggested in the paper and others that would emerge were we to consider additional criteria of economic growth, are recognized. A final brief reference to a puzzling contrast between the prevalence of critical reflections on various inadequacies of modern economic growth, even in the developed market economies, and their long record of impressive advance in the capacity to supply man with economic goods, for welfare or for power. This contrast may seem particularly puzzling in that the criticism often refers to high costs of economic growth; whereas the measure of economic growth is supposed to be that of net product, and thus net of all identifiable costs.

A sector 3. (I+S) sector 4. / sector 5. 4 6. Total 7. 2 8. 4 9. 8 10. 2 Product per worker 11. ^4 sector 13. /sector 15. 6 B. 2 17. 3 18. 1 19. 8 20. 5 21. 73 22. 183 23. 775 24. 2 A note on production structure and aggregate growth 41 measured or conjectured in the distribution of total product among the relevant recipients units, the differential must have made greater contribution in the higher income less developed regions (such as Latin America) than either in such low-income less developed regions as ESE Asia or in the developed regions.

4, one may note that the disparities in per worker product between the / and S sectors, although significant, are far narrower than those between the A sector and either (/ + S) sector, or the / and S sectors taken separately. 3. 2. Lines 16 and 17: The growth in sectoral product per worker (in lines 12 and 13) was weighted by the shares of the two sectors in total GDP in 1960 (since the proper weights are the initial share in LF, weighted by the comparative level of product per worker at that date).

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