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By Jan Rosset

This booklet analyzes the hyperlink among monetary and political inequalities and investigates the mechanisms that result in economically rooted inequalities within the political illustration of voters’ coverage personal tastes. concentrating on the case of Switzerland and comparing info from the post-electoral survey, Selects 2007, the writer demonstrates that the coverage personal tastes of contributors of the Federal meeting top mirror these of wealthy electorate. This trend is defined by way of differential degrees of political participation and data throughout source of revenue teams, occasion finance, the truth that representatives are likely to come from larger financial strata, and the failure of the party-system constitution to mirror the complexity of coverage personal tastes between citizens.

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5 It has notably been shown that political parties take the results of previous elections as a cue of citizens’ preferences and adapt their own policy positioning accordingly (see Somer-Topcu 2009). As a result of these various effects of participation in elections which influence the composition of representative bodies, the electoral strategy of the political parties and candidates, and the information they have about the public mood, one could imagine that if policy preferences of voters and non-voters differ systematically, representatives will better reflect the opinions of those citizens who turn out.

These findings at least partly support the established Meltzer/Richard model (Meltzer and Richard 1981), which assumes that relatively poor citizens favour redistributive policies up to the point where the benefit for them is outweighed by the efficiency costs of taxation Yet the existence of a link between economic status and political preferences is not obvious. While it is clear that the self-interests of various income groups are not always the same, their manifestation in electoral politics is more problematic.

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