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By Alan Marzilli

Starting with the vote casting fiasco in Florida in November 2000, this quantity addresses 3 vital concerns: voter fraud, crusade contributions, and political ads.

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For example, the identification requirements have generated criticism. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), who voted against the law, argued that the identification requirements would send the wrong message to voters who have immigrated from countries with oppressive regimes: [T]hink of the new immigrant who waited five years and has just become a voter, who doesn’t have a car, who is just learning English, and who is afraid of the government where that immigrant came from. You say, You have to do this, this, this, and this.

As a result, they began to make large contributions to the Democratic and Republican parties. ” 35 Although the BCRA banned soft money, there have been numerous court challenges to the law, and campaign finance reformers have found themselves having to continue defending the ban on soft money. Reformers firmly believe that soft money has a corrupting influence on Congress and has caused the public to lose faith in the political process. They reject the idea that campaign contributions are a form of “free speech” protected by the First Amendment, believing that, if anything, political contributions take power away from individual voters and concentrate it in the hands of the wealthy.

Similar debates are taking place at the state level; some states have campaign finance laws and others do not. 33 The Letter of the Law Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Subjects “Soft Money” to Same Limits as Other Contributions SOFT MONEY OF POLITICAL PARTIES. (a) NATIONAL COMMITTEES. — (1) IN GENERAL. — A national committee of a political party (including a national congressional campaign committee of a political party) may not solicit, receive, or direct to another person a contribution, donation, or transfer of funds or any other thing of value, or spend any funds, that are not subject to the limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements of this Act.

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