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By Craig Anderton

Find out how to construct pre-amps, tone controls, ring modulators, mixers, and lots of different reasonably cheap digital add-ons. Written in basic language, with 1000's of transparent illustrations and step by step directions.

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Or ask someone behind the counter of your loca³ electronics emporium to tell you what it's all about. You might have heard about a technique called wirewrapping. Wbite it may appeal usefu³, in practice wirewrapping is really most suitab³e for digital, high-density circuits that use lots of ICs and very rew other components. So until you get into building your owo com. o valuable a technique to rut together the projects presented in this book. Loadlng the Clrcult Board - If you've made your owo circuit board, lightly steel woal the roi³ side of the board to prepare the copper for soldering.

It is a solderingheat control, which canput your iron on standby so that it doesn'twark at maximumjuice all the time. It works on the sameprinciple as those light dimmer switchesthat give a bright and law position; but note that this device is not designedto wark with soldering irons that use a transformer or electronic controlling circuitry, and candamagethem. Figure 4-3 showsschematicallyhow a solderingiron plugs into the wall. Figure 4-4 showsthe solder heat control, which consists of a diode (a IN4003 or any heavier-duty diode will wark just fine) and a switch.

Then, you immediately throw the board into a developing bath, where developer combines with the photoresist to form a protective coating, thus protecting the desired copper traces. Finally, just like in all, the previous methods, you put the board in ferric chloride, watch the copper etch away, strip the photoresist that's left on the circuit board by using a stripping solution, and lightly scour willi steel woal to keep the copper clean and free of greasefor soldering. As a matter of common practice, it's a good idea to steel woal any printed circuit board (with exposed copper) lightly just before mounting and soldering parts.

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