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The cables carrying the current can therefore be comparatively thin and cheap. At the consumer's end of the grid, sub-stations are provided to transform the voltage to a safe value before distribution to domestic and industrial establishments. ) single phase. ( A single-phase supply is a simple twin-line supply where the voltage on the live line varies sinusoidally with time about a mean earth potential. ) The efficient use of this source of electrical energy, like the efficient use of mechanical energy, requires the introduction of some means of converting the form of the energy at the source to a form that can be used by the load.

Its value depends upon the physical dimensions and composition of the material and also on the manufacturing process, oris a constant which is independent of the physical size of the resistor; its value depends only on the composition and manufacturing process. Common values 41 ELECTRONICS: A COURSE BOOK FOR STUDENTS 2 of Δ lie between 2 and 6. The value of Κ is usually between 3 x 10" 5 and 10" . The component is used as a surge limiter, voltage stabiliser, and also for producing special waveforms and for changing the operating performance of a circuit.

E. 28 m A . From previous considerations (and by inspection) these currents must be added. The constant current generator therefore produces 3 . 4 1 m A . The shunt impedance is that impedance between χ and y with the short-circuit removed and all generators suppressed. e. 35 kfl. With the load now connected the current from the generator will divide, part flowing through the load (7 L) and part through the shunt resistor PASSIVE COMPONENTS—RESISTORS, CAPACITORS AND INDUCTORS (7 S). 41 m A . e.

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