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By Cathleen Shamieh

Discover the fundamental options of electronics, construct your electronics workbench, and start growing enjoyable electronics initiatives correct away!

Electronics For Dummies, third version is jam-packed with hundreds of thousands of colourful diagrams and pictures, this e-book offers step by step directions for experiments that exhibit you the way digital elements paintings, recommendation on making a choice on and utilizing crucial instruments, and intriguing tasks you could construct in half-hour or much less. You’ll get charged up as you rework idea into motion in bankruptcy after chapter!

• Circuit fundamentals: examine what voltage is, the place present flows (and doesn’t flow), and the way strength is utilized in a circuit.
• severe elements: become aware of how resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors keep watch over and form electrical current.
• flexible chips: the best way to use analog and electronic built-in circuits to construct advanced initiatives with quite a few parts.
• research circuits: comprehend the principles that govern present and voltage and how you can observe them.
• safeguard information: get an intensive grounding in how you can shield yourself—and your electronics—from harm.

Electronics For Dummies, third version is helping you discover the elemental recommendations of electronics with self belief — this ebook gets you charged up!


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But just what is the force that provokes the electrons to move in harmony? What commands the electronic bucket brigade? Let the force be with you The force that pushes electrons along is technically called an electromotive force (abbreviated EMF or E), but it is more commonly known as voltage (abbreviated V). You measure voltage by using units called (conveniently) volts (abbreviated V). Apply enough voltage to a conductor, provide a complete path through which an electric charge can move, and the free electrons 13 14 Part I: Fathoming the Fundamentals of Electronics  in the conductor’s atoms will move in the same direction, like sheep being herded into a pen — only much faster.

Two 2N3904, 2N2222, BC548, or any general‐purpose NPN bipolar transistors •• One 2N3906, 2N2907, or any general‐purpose PNP bipolar transistor ✓✓ Integrated circuits (ICs) •• One 74HC00 CMOS quad 2‐input NAND gate, 14‐pin dual‐in‐line package (DIP). Get two because they can be easily damaged by static discharge. 79) or similar. •• Two 555 timers (8‐pin DIP). I recommend you purchase one or two extra chips. 25‐$1 online or $2 in RadioShack stores. •• One LM386 audio power amplifier (8‐pin DIP).

You can build the LED circuit by using alligator clips to connect the components or by using a solderless breadboard to make the connections. I walk you through both construction methods. Note that when I discuss taking voltage and current measurements, I provide pictures showing the breadboard circuit. You can read more about constructing circuits in Chapter 15. Building the circuit with alligator clips Use the alligator clips to make connections in the circuit, as shown in Figure 3-7. Note that the orientation of the resistor doesn’t matter, but the ­orientation of the LED does matter.

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