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This quantity presents a close resume of present wisdom in regards to the classical Indian Philosophical platforms of Nyaya and Vaisesika of their prior levels, i.e. overlaying the literature from their inception within the sutras of Gautama and Kanada ahead of the time of Gangesa (about A.D. 1350). The summaries are prepared in relative chronolo-gical order to aid the reader in tracing the advance of the syncretic school,s proposal. students round the world-India, Japan, American-have collaborated within the venture. The summaries within the quantity function a device for introducing Indian idea into their classes on difficulties of Philosophy, heritage of proposal, and so forth. and consultant the scholars for extra learn.

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Partially M) Mânamanohara (M) Nyâyalaksmïvilâsa ? Bhattacharya) 41. Keéava Misra 1225-1275 Mithilâ Tarkabhâsâ (T) Mithilâ Nyâyakâlanidhi on Nyâyasâra (E) (Advaita works) ? Bhattacharya) 4«. Ânandânubhava 43. Prabhâkaropâ44. Bhattacharya) 1275-1325 ? (Jetly) 45. Bhattacharya) Nyâyâlamkâra on NBh, NV,NVT and NVTP (M) 12 ENCYCLOPEDIA Name 46. 47. 48. Bhattacharya) Tarani Misra 1300-1350 ? Bhattacharya) 49. G;Bhattacharya) 50. Bhattacharya) 51. Bhattacharya) Nyâyaratna (E) Nyäyacintämani Nyäyasiddhäntadipa (E) Nyâyamîmâmsâprakarana (M) Nyâyanaya (M) Sasadharamâlâ (M) Ratnakosa (M) G on Nyâyakusumânjaïi Nyâyabhâskara Questionable, or dates unknown 52.

IV. The Hindu Theory of Value : Important Concepts The Nyäya-Vaisesika theory of value must be considered as a version of the more general theory which is'accepted in a general way by all varieties of "Hinduism"—a term which is difficult to define but serves to distinguish the vast majority of Indian religious sects and cults from—especially—Buddhism, Jainism, and foreign religions such as Islam and Christianity. Since any number of works set forth the fundamental tenets of Hinduism in considerable detail19 it will not be necessary to spend much time here on this, but merely to remind the reader that in Nyäya-Vaisesika he is dealing with a system squarely within traditional assumptions.

Udayana's answer to this is that inference equally well proves that the series of colors of earthy atoms also comes to an end. VIL The Path to Liberation: Nyäya-Vaieesika View We come now to consider precisely how the Naiyäyikas think liberation should be sought, and in particular what relevance philosophical investigations have to the quest. 1. Causes of Bondage and Liberation: The VaUesikasütras present the following picture of the path to be followed in seeking freedom: pile should behave according to Vedic precepts; this produces mçrit 32 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHIES (dharma) and eventually exaltation \abhyudaya), whereas impure behavior produces demerit (adharma).

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