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By Simone Tagliapietra

This ebook investigates the present prestige and destiny clients of strength relationships within the Euro-Mediterranean zone. via adopting a political financial system standpoint, this e-book presents perception into neighborhood cooperation within the fields of average gasoline and renewable power. the writer posits that local power kin have not begun to be tested via a complete analytical framework so that it will realistically determine the aptitude position of power in appearing as a catalyst for larger monetary and political cooperation within the quarter. to take action, the writer offers an in depth research of the region’s strength relatives and pertinent case experiences. Chapters illustrate the political and fiscal drivers underpinning the region’s strength dynamics, offering the reader with a wide-ranging evaluation of the Euro-Mediterranean power family members of at the present time and tomorrow.

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In fact, the average gross domestic product (GDP) per-capita in SEMCs is below the world’s average, and in 2014, it ranged from a high of more than 30,000 dollars for Israel to about 5000 dollars in Syria (Fig. 2). 3 1 For an in-depth analysis of the determinants of economic growth in SEMCs please refer to: Coutinho, L. (2012) and Dabrowski, M. and De Wulf, L. (2013). © The Author(s) 2017 S. 1007/978-3-319-35116-2_2 9 10 Energy Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean (Forecasts from 2015 to 2020) 6000 Lebanon 5000 Jordan Syria Billion dollars 4000 Libya Tunisia 3000 Israel Morocco 2000 Algeria 1000 Egypt Turkey 19 90 19 92 19 94 19 96 19 98 20 00 20 02 20 04 20 06 20 08 20 10 20 12 20 14 20 16 20 18 20 20 0 Fig.

In fact, the pioneering work on regional integration carried out by this scholar during the 1950s had a great influence—20 years later—on the development of the concept of interdependence itself. O. S. 1975). The double aim of this section is to provide a brief intellectual history of the functionalist approach and to present one of the key aspects of Haas’s neofunctionalism: the concept of spillover. The Rumanian scholar, David Mitrany, is generally recognized as the founding father of the functionalist approach to international affairs.

In other words, the League had not gone far enough and the same mistake should not be repeated: henceforth, nations should be tied more closely together. Mitrany did not agree with the idea of federation as the means of tying states together. He opposed the idea of a single world government, because he believed that it would pose a threat to individual freedom. He also opposed the creation of regional federations, believing that this would simply reproduce national rivalries on a larger scale. Any political reorganization into separate units must sooner or later produce the same effects; any international system that is to usher in a new world must produce the opposite effect of subduing political division (Mitrany, D.

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