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By André Dorsman, Wim Westerman, John L. Simpson

This quantity investigates the impression of strength expertise concepts on financial improvement and provides new parts of study into the monetary economics of strength in addition to new stories into valuation, electrical energy pricing and the commercial, regulatory and environmental charges of different power resources. teachers and practitioners take a world standpoint and current situations from numerous nations. The ebook concentrates on 3 concerns: 1) innovation and shocks in strength markets; 2) surroundings and renewables and three) fossil gasoline legislation. The publication will supply an invaluable source for someone with an instructional or company curiosity in power and cost issues.

This is the fourth quantity in a chain on strength prepared through the heart for power and price matters (CEVI). the former volumes within the sequence contain Financial points in power (2011), Energy Economics and monetary Markets (2012) and Perspectives on power Risk (2014).

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The latter finding is in line with Degiannakis et al. (2013, 2014), Abhyankar et al. (2013), Baumeister and Peersman (2012), Filis et al. (2011), Kilian and Park (2009), Hamilton (2009a, b) and Kilian (2009). Furthermore, we observe that for the most part, and especially during the later period of the study, demand-side shocks are positively correlated with industrial sector returns, which reduce diversification opportunities. Even though this might be expected for the aggregate demand shocks, it might seem counter-intuitive for the oil-specific demand shocks.

14) differentiates between five types of rebound effects in the case of consumption: 1. A substitution effect toward greater consumption of the now cheaper energy service and therefore of energy. 2. A direct income effect, which can be positive or negative depending on whether the energy good is a normal or inferior good. 3. Income effects on the consumption of other energy services by the consumer. 4. Increased real income resulting in increased demand for all goods in the economy and, therefore, for the energy required to produce them.

12 present the time-varying correlations for the Materials and Oil&Gas sectors, respectively. The different oil price shocks seem to trigger different correlations for the Materials sector. The supply-side shocks are mainly negatively correlated with the sector’s returns for almost all countries. Nevertheless, a clear exception exists for Spain and Norway, where for the majority of the time period, the correlation fluctuates in positive values. Overall, though, the correlation level for all countries is close to zero.

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