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By Fabio De Castro, Barbara Hogenboom, Michiel Baud

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The members examine a vast variety of rising socio-environmental demanding situations confronted through modern Latin the USA. by utilizing environmental governance as an overarching analytical inspiration, they move territorial, sectorial, and institutional obstacles to deal with the nature/society nexus.

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For the construction of a small brick house, 37 tons of firewood may have been needed. This would mean that the buildings of the city of Rio de Janeiro by 1890 cost the deforestation of 200 square kilometres (Dean, 1995: 196–197). He may have overstated his case and exaggerated the importance of wood as the principal source of energy for Brazil’s urban growth (Brannstrom, 2005), but there is no doubt that the relentless progress promoted by Latin American elites came at the cost of rapid deforestation.

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